So this is Christmas

This is the year I’ve embraced Christmas.  The tree is up, there’s a festive cushion (Thanks George!), Scandi decorations we bought on a very icy trip to Norway last year and an incredible Gingerbread candle sending out the most delectable smells that are making me hungry.    It’s the first tree I’ve ever had, so I’m pretty proud of my efforts!

So how is it I’ve got to the tender 30’s without a tree or the trappings of Christmas? Growing up in Malaysia, Christmas was no more than a day you learned about at school and even when moving to New Zealand to spend my teenage years, Christmas was that time where it was really hot but the shops were shut so you couldn’t buy ice cream.  It was only till I moved up to the Northern hemisphere that I appreciated the smells, sounds and flavours of Christmas.  When it’s freezing outside, it makes sense to drink mulled wine and waft around in smells of cinnamon and gingerbread – it’s the only thing that keeps us all from falling into a state of wintry depression.   And this year, there has been a schedule of festive outings and treats to keep the Christmas spirit alive!

First up, a visit to David Linley, luxury homeware and interior design store, where we learnt all about the exquisite amounts of care, love and affection that go into the making of any one of their individually handcrafted goods on store in their decadent store.

My favourite item was the life-sized height charts, made from walnut they come with a blackboard or whiteboard inlay and you can chart your family growing up with permanent pen and keep it through the generations as a keepsake.  Sure beats the pencil markings on the wall of my childhood home!

but the icing on the cake as far as festivities go must go to the team at George at Asda.  Invited to the glitteriest and most magical of all settings, atop the iconic London Shard, complete with a party dress from their collection to wear, a group of bloggers got together, laughed, talked, ate and admired the sighs all courtesy of the lovely George team, who spoilt us absolutely rotten.

Canapes and drinks and a view to die for.

Luxury dinner complete with gorgeous PRESENTS straight from George.

And what is Christmas without a jumper that comes with Holly & Berries?

For more, check out a video of our little shindig, can you spot me?

Merry Christmas everyone!


14 thoughts on “So this is Christmas

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  2. What a fabulous blogger shindig and you look gorgeous in your Christmas jumper! Merry Christmas and looking forward to seeing you in January xx

  3. You have certainly been making up for the Christmas trees that you never had. How gorgeous is that tree and how lucky are you to get to go to all these wonderful parties. Lucy

  4. Sounds like you’ve been having lots of festive fun! A hot Christmas just sounds odd to me and it was so strange to be in India for Christmas last year. Even if you’re not used to a cold winter Christmas, it’s very hard to not feel festive in London!

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