Skylon Grill

When is a restaurant not a restaurant? When does it morph into a Grill? This is a mystery that has raised it’s ugly head since I went to Skylon Grill.  There’s a Skylon Grill as well as the Skylon restaurant and for the life of me, I can’t work out the difference.  There’s a handy set lunch to choose from, but there is no grilled meats section, which is what I originally thought marked a Grill as a grill.  But whilst this remains a head-scratcher I will carry on with  my review from a recent visit to the Skylon Grill.

With a glass-fronted window view, we’re nibbling on lovely bread, sipping chilled wine and looking out over Southbank, we get to perusing the short n sweet menu.

Soup as a starter just doesn’t do it for me, but for the menfolk on the table, this is slurped up with great enthusiasm.  I’ve opted for the cured salmon with a crisp radish and pea-shoot salad which is so divinely light and airy, it feels like I’m floating in a plate of smoked salmon.  The smoked bacon & egg salad is a little overrun with crisp gem salad, but the smoky bacon and egg adds a nice punch.

The staff are charming and refreshingly honest and advise that a choice of the mullet will likely leave us wanting more, but not being that hungry (And wanting to indulge in more dessert), I opt for the lighter option while the rest of the party go hearty with the pork belly.  Truthfully, I can’t help but experience pangs of food envy when the food is deposited on the table and suddenly my light firm grey mullet doesn’t have the allure of the crispy skinned pork belly with a layer of caramelised apples to lend a tone of sweetness.

That’ll teach me I suppose, the next time my waiter goes so far as to profer an opinion it’s because they know what they’re talking about! Luckily for me, there are numerous food markets gracing the Southbank area and after my virtuous lunch, I’ve earned a cinnamon coated pack of Churros to dip into molted chocolate – heaven!

Skylon can be found at Royal Festival Hall, Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX

It’s a handy option for those in the Waterloo area, who need something a cut above the chain stores of Wagamama and Giraffe.  And while you’re there, try and solve the Grill mystery would you.

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Square Meal

Skylon on Urbanspoon


4 thoughts on “Skylon Grill

  1. Maybe it’s a restaurant with hipster pretensions; you know, like skinny jeans vs. normal jeans?
    It does sound tasty though…!

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