Souk Medina

When you’ve donned your glad rags for a night out with the girls, three ingredients are called for, a shimmy in your step with some dancing, excellent food and a cocktail or two!  So when out with the girls on a Saturday night in London to celebrate a dear friend’s impending nuptials, all of these were ordered up!

We kicked off our evening in style, learning some moves to thumping Bollywood tunes, courtesy of our charming dance teacher from the Bollywood Dance company, ever so graceful, she did her best trying to instruct us, but for the most part, we had a grand old time giggling and not getting very many of the moves correct!

Our very own Bollywood dance troupe

Next in the series of fun was of course cocktails, courtesy of neighbouring Luggage Room, this was more a question of style over substance and so we were very pleased to be heading off to Covent Garden to turn the partying up a notch.

Souk Medina caters well for big groups, offering up tasting menus that are divided up amongst the group.

My memories of tagines from a honeymoon spent in Morocco are not good, while it does make the meat come out supremely tender, the flavour leaves something to be desired.  Thankfully this wasn’t the case at Souk Medina and exceedingly dishes start speeding their way out of the kitchen at breakneck speed, piled helter-skelter on to the table.    My favourites were the grilled halloumi, garlicky yoghurt dip and the chicken tagine, which were clearly the hits of the night.

Belly dancers amused us while we ate and the lady of honour even gets up to join in a bit of the action!

A fun night out if you’re with a big group, probably not the most gourmet experience you’re ever going to have, but a good bit of fun in covent Garden!

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7 thoughts on “Souk Medina

  1. Wow, you girls sure look the part! You should have included a video of you lot in full Bollywood armor crashing the belly dancer gig. To be honest, I find belly dancing while I’m eating extremely obnoxious but it depends, if I’m left alone it’s tolerable I guess. North African over Mediterranean all the way to Middle Eastern cuisine is probably my favorite btw!

  2. This place looks fun! I adore Moroccan food and the decor looks like it’s been teleported straight from Marrakech! Morocco is somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for a while so I might have to go here and pretend I’m actually there 🙂

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