We feast London, Tobacco Docks Wapping

London is the best.  I walk past Parliament Square and Westminster Abbey en route to work and I still pause to take it all in.  Waterloo Bridge is one of my favourite spots in London and I cannot go by without doing the obligatory instagramming.  And today I spend an afternoon in the sun with Hubby at Tobacco Docks, home for the weekend to a number of food traders and I know that I can’t be tearing myself away from London any time soon.  London in summer is my love-in.

Husband has this knack of picking the item of food I would never go far and then it turns out being an awful lot more amazing than the stuff I choose.  It’s like a permanent case of food envy round here.  So he kicks off with a Duck Confit burger from the Frenchie!.  Rich gooey duck (Did you know duck could be gooey) in a warm brioche bun with melted cheddar, hit of mustard and a bit of rocket for a bite of freshness.

I opt for a Vietnamese place I’ve not come across before – Salvation in Noodles and have a Goi Ngo Sen.  I had no idea what this was but it’s a fresh prawn noodle salad with some of the spiciest, most fragrant nuoc nam sauce I’ve come across in some time!  Washed down with some summery rose, I’m watching the world go by.

Husband has an internal pizza homing device and trots off to Dough Bros for his pizza fix – I’ve had my fill of Pizza in recent days but he is pretty happy with his Nduja, Mozarella and Tomato combo.  I was intrigued by the Nduja, which is actually like a spicy sweet spreadable pork sausage paste, if I ever find this stuff in a store, I’ll be adding it to pasta for a rich sauce mix.

With a cheeky gin in hand, we finish up with a ‘Clinton’s Love child’ from Pop Dogs – pork and chorizo blend hot dog in a soft white bun and all the toppings my little heart could desire.  I’ll be adding Sriracha to all my hot dogs from now on!

Some Fire-eating entertainment is heating up (Excuse the pun) as we kick off.  Ain’t London grand.  What are you waiting for, head on down!


2 thoughts on “We feast London, Tobacco Docks Wapping

  1. I was going to go here today, now I wish I had read your blog sooner. I definitely would have! you sound like me when I go.Try as much food as I possibly can, I never want to miss out on anything.

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