Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Singapore is stopover city and why not, it’s it’s a very convenient hop, skip & a jump for those going to Australia/NZ or hopping around Asia.  This was home to me for a couple of childhood years and as my parents are now back there, it’s a place I visit often & do consider myself a quasi-local.  Because of this, I don’t usually venture out to the tourist attractions – I mean sure, Orchard Rd, the mecca of shopping is one large attraction in it’s own right, but what with the shopping and the eating, that pretty much takes up all my time.

For such a small island, the animal kingdom related attractions are numerous (and fabulous) – Jurong Bird Park, the Night Safari and Singapore Zoo all well worth a visit, even if you’re travelling with or without kids.   But I’m going to tell you about Gardens by the Bay – situated right next to Marina Bay Sands (That hotel with the boat on top of it)

Marina Bay Sands & Gardens by the bay

Now the thought of going to see some Gardens on holiday is what I’d class as an (hmm how to say this without being offensive), old people activity.  Certainly not two people in their late 20’s/ early 30’s (My sister & I) would willingly go to visit without being dragged there by a parent.  But in this case, it just goes to show that you should always listen to your mother because she is always right.  Check these out if you don’t believe me!

Entry to the gardens buys you a pass to visit the two biospheres – Cloud Forest, as shown above, is supposed to emulate the lush greenery of a mountainside and while I know nothing about greenery, it is cool, misty and fragrant & I could have spent hours in there!

Flower dome is vastly different and perhaps for that reason, not as impressive, although it true is at a magnificent scale.  Flower Dome is a land where spring reigns eternal and plants from the arid Mediterranean feature here.  Unfortunately, they’re at the tail end of a ‘War of the Roses’ exhibition so the roses are looking slightly past their bloom so perhaps I’m not giving them the full credit this dome deserves.

We finish off with a walk along the skyway, from where you can get a birds eye view of Singapore, albeit not from quite as high as all the skyscrapers, but enough to get a view of the beautiful Marina Bay Sands as well as the eye-catching grove of ‘Supertrees’.  This costs a little bit more, but if you’re debating the fee, just do it.  The views are well worth it and if you time it right, you can catch the sunset with a balmy breeze in your hair and the views of Singapore harbour set out in front of you.

Even as you walk back out towards real life, the Gardens still have room to delight.  The dragonfly & kingfisher lake bid you goodbye but I admit to be stumped by the sculpture of the giant baby.

So if you’ve got a bit of time in Singapore & you’re wondering if going to some gardens is worth your while, I would vote yes.  And my mother will tell you, it was a hard sell to get me there in the first place!

And if you need any more convincing, once you’ve walked off the pounds inevitably gained with Singapore’s fabulous food, you can finish off the evening with a tall cold glass of something blue at the waterfront and watch the world go by.  Now that’s as good a reason as any to take in some nature.



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