A Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant seems a bit off-kilter to me, not because I doubt the quality of the food but because I associate Michelin stars with poncy French restaurants, waiters with indecipherable accents all with a background of pindrop silence.

But that’s where Yauatcha comes in – it’s retained it’s 1 Michelin star status for 8 years, a worthy achievement in London’s ever changing restaurant scene!

We’re here for lunch & I’m very glad that we’ve booked in to sit downstairs, the upstairs lounge closely resembles a hotel lobby but the downstairs area is chic, a starry lit sky, bright blue banquettes and beautiful people serving and not a hint of silence in the air.


We kick off the ordering process for the party by just pointing to as many dishes as we think we’re going to need.   Unfortunately, the waitress looks quite alarmed at our rapid-fire ordering and even suggests we may be overdoing it. Ha, she has no idea.

First up, the smashed pickled cucumber, I don’t know how it took for me to arrive in London to discover this magical dish (Incredibly easy to recreate at home btw), but this is spicy and tangy and everything it promises to be.


And then the food starts whizzing out at break neck speed.  The soft shell crab with flaked almonds is mouth watering and while others continued on with the other options, I diligently chopsticked my way through every last almond flake.

Heartbreakingly, the venison puffs were devoured before I got to take a photo – we even ordered another round but nobody was willing to wait for me to take a photo & these too disappeared at high speed.  Since the venison puffs were a dream and a half, it’s hard for me to muster up any sort of real sense of loss at the lack of venison puff photo.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.

We skipped desserts in favour of indulging in their amazing Macaroon & dessert counter spread upstairs – and taking advantage of a rare sunny day, we BYO’d our own dessert to the rooftop bar at Aqua Kyoto and pretended we were in New York.   So all in all, it’s basically a perfect meal.

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5 thoughts on “Yauatcha

  1. I like this place!! Had dinner there when I was London last month. Really delicious food, and I loved the venison puffs too. YUM!! 😀

  2. I’ve been here about 4 times and used to love it but had a terrible experience on my last visit. I had told them I don’t eat beef & when dessert came round, they said that “every dessert contains gelatine”. Either that’s just not true and they were trying to rush us out on a busy fri night and if it is true, that’s clearly unacceptable in a Michelin star restaurant in the centre of a city as cosmopolitan as London! Like the food but not the service!

    • That is such poor form!!! It’s not exactly cheap, so you’ve earned the right to have dessert If you so fancy it. And surely they could have whipped something off-menu for you anyway.

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