Big red pizza

Aside from the obvious plus points at pulling over at the sight of a big red bus, buzzing with hive and activity, to find that it serves up fresh nosh in the form of pizzas, cocktails and more is a great find on the streets of Deptford.

Big Bus

I’ve driven past this place many times and one day, hungry and morosely considering what the fridge might contain, we jumped out and headed in to the bus.  A children’s party was in full swing so we couldn’t sit in the bus, but I actually preferred that as it made for better photo taking opportunities.  The service as relaxed & friendly, the food reasonably priced and simply good.   My Caesar salad was not exactly healthy but the fabulous dressing was zingy & anchovy-licious. Husband’s Fiorentina was exactly what the doctor ordered (in his words) and that and some garlicky doughballs later, we were happy campers.

We were saying to each other how much fun it would be to get a gaggle of friends over to better appreciate the atmosphere & vibe over their large communal tables and a couple of vinos, when an invitation popped into my inbox to do just this.

There’s a great deal more going on here than just a bus serving up some Italian food – they’ve got a whole host of events.  Free events!  Tuesday nights are comedy nights, Wednesday’s are for snuggling up and watching movie classics (All listed on their website, so plan ahead).  And every other Thursday, they have live music & DJ’s so this is not a place you’ll be bored at.  They’re open late Fridays & Saturdays and after a long hard week at work, I really can’t think of anywhere more relaxing to hang out with your mates.

I’m here part of a big group of bloggers so a lot of food is brought over to the tables for us all to tuck in.    We kick off with some brochettes of grilled chicken, some caponata (I learnt that this is sweet and sour aubergine salad), beetroot salad and lentil salad.  Should I decide to turn vegetarian, this is how one does salad!    The salads all form part of their lunch menu so you can eat guilt free!

I’ve got my eye on the menu though so I’m keeping appetite space for what’s to come – next up Ravioli with Chervil & Lemon butter and Spaghetti tossed lightly with Pesto and pine nuts.  The ravioli is fresher, zingier and lighter than ravioli has a right to be and I suspect that that is the doing of the lemon zest grated liberally over the ravioli.

20140513-092157.jpgThe pizzas arrive and are even more impossibly gorgeous than the pasta – we’re treated to the Pizza of the Month, inspired by the Chelsea flower show, with edible flowers, artichoke hearts, caper berries and roast peppers and ‘White’ pizza with anchovies, garlic, capers and buffalo mozarella, no tomatoes in sight.

The pizza bases are light and crispy and as they’re generous with the toppings, it doesn’t feel like you’re just eating mouthfuls of bread.  The white pizza was the winner of the day for me, I’ll never turn my nose up at anchovies ever again!

But they saved the best for last, not one, not two but three desserts flew out to us and they all had to be eaten, which we of course obliged.  Creamy cold knickerbocker glories, the gooiest ever Banoffee pie and little morsels of heaven masquerading as Chocolate brownies.  In the interests of writing an objective review, all had to be sampled and each was probably better than the last.  Excuse the questionable photos, it is not wise to linger on your photo taking when a crowd of dessert-lovers are waiting.

I don’t usually like cream, but i’ll make an exception for this Knickerbocker glory, laced with crunchy biscuits and what is an unmistakeabe boozy hit, this packed a punch.  Although the banoffee pie was fast melting, this one was my favourite.   I adore banoffee pie and whatever these guys had done to it, it was gooooooooood.


So what are you waiting for? Check out their events listing, bring some friends and save your appetite for pudding.

Disclosure: I was a guest of the good folk at Big Red Pizza, but all opinions are my own.  It’s well up there on my list of casual relaxed places to go with friends for a fun night out and there it shall stay.  Make sure you check out for all the news on their events! I’m keeping an eye out on the movie showings myself.

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Find the menu on Zomato


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