Win Cocktails for 2 with JuJu Chelsea with Zomato Collections

Thanks to all who entered, the winner has been announced!  Please do check out for inspiration when you’re next searching for a London restaurant.

Any recommendations then?

That is probably the number one question I get when I tell people I write a blog nattering on about all the restaurants I go to.  And without fail, I stare blankly at said person while trying to think of which sorts of restaurants to recommend –  deep down, you like starched linen tablecloths and silver service or you’re happy queueing for hours in the cold to get your hands on a burger.

But the reality is that I, like most, have numerous dining personalities.  I have days where I’m happy to be all spontaneous and impulsive and I don’t mind taking my chances on a ‘No Reservations’ place (Those days are few & far between), more often I like to book ahead.  I like afternoon tea with a twist and I don’t particularly mind if they omit the scones completely and I absolutely adore a good burger.  Preferably one where juices run down my hands and I have to lap at them like a greedy pup.

So how do I choose what restaurants to go to next? Well some of this is a hefty dose of FOMO – fear of missing out, largely fuelled by the Twitterati but most comes from what I need at the time.  So mainly I find myself searching the internet for ‘Best brunches in London’, ‘Best pizza in London’ (This is fuelled by Husband), ‘Best veggie friendly places in London’ – this to ensure the dear veggie friends have something better than plain pasta to eat on a night out.

And sure, most of the time, the World Wide Web does the job.  But what if these searches were all in one place? Ahh now you’re talking – enter Zomato Collections!  They have 24 ‘Collections’ all offering inspiration in neat and tidy themes – need a vintage pub, click here then.  Need somewhere to take the sprogs?  Click here then.   And if you need some inspiration, there’s even a Trending right now section – so you can truly be at the cutting edge of FOMO.

Bank Holiday Weekend Competition

So to celebrate the launch of these very sensible collections, the good folk at Zomato and Juju Chelsea have offered up a voucher for cocktails for 2 to one lucky winner.  There are a few ways you can win this good prize:

  • For five entries – leave a comment on this Blog post telling me exactly what collections you’d find the most useful.
  • For one entry each – Follow inher30s on Twitter and Facebook
  • For two entries – Follow the blog via WordPress or via email
  • For three entries – Follow inher30s on Zomato
  • Tweet the following for another three entries:   I’m in to win with @inher30s & @zomato to celebrate launch of #collections #bankholidayweekend

Terms of the draw: You’re going in a draw to win a voucher for cocktails for 2 at JuJu Chelsea – 316-318 Kings Road, Chelsea, London SW3 5UH.  The voucher entitles you to 2 cocktails each and a sharing platter. The voucher is valid until the 27th June.   Entrants should be 18+ as there are cocktails involved.  The competition ends on Tuesday 27th May at 6pm and the draw will be made shortly afterwards.

Disclosure – Zomato asked me to promote the launch of their collections this bank holiday weekend and offered a prize to my lovely readers.  I was in no way pressured to say nice things about the helpfulness of the Collections and I encourage you to leave a comment and tell me which Collections you would find the most useful.  Image courtesy of


25 thoughts on “Win Cocktails for 2 with JuJu Chelsea with Zomato Collections

  1. Kid-friendly restaurants would definitely be the most handy to me! There’s no bigger let down than to traipse for miles to a nice restaurant to find that they don’t cater for children.

  2. BYO looks like a good collection – especially when trying to cut back on spending whilst still trying to enjoy yourself!

  3. Quirky Restaurants, definitely something that makes you think as in décor and then food too would be great combination

  4. The Unique Dining one sounds interesting, but probably the most useful would be Late Night Eats, especially if you could search it by proximity to live music venues as I’m always hungry after gigs.

  5. Somewhere that are happy to cater for large parties celebrating something special together.. you know, where they don’t have to pull tables together, and you feel that you are encroaching on other diners night out.

  6. Best for All budgets would be ace – really tricky after work to find somewhere everyone can go!

  7. Hole in the wall places by areas in London would be a great way to try new places no matter where you are in London

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