Cream coloured ponies and crisp apple streudels Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles Long before I had any idea what a schnitzel actually was (We didn’t get many of these in rural Malaysia where I grew up) I had certainly heard of one.   And the origin of my schnitzel knowledge should be fairly clear, my favourite childhood movie, nay my favourite movie for always is Sound of Music, watched at least once a week as a kid and even now, I know every word, every song, every expression and every yodel. So when an Austrian colleague suggested we try out Boopshi’s, the new Austrian kid on the block, I thought this was my time, long overdue, to try some schnitzel with noodles. Unfortunately, noodles don’t feature on the menu and apparently that’s not really an Austrian thing (That’s false advertising, Sound of Music people) so we get stuck in. 20140303-231627.jpg But there’s a more important agenda to kick off and that is drinks! There’s an extensive cocktail menu and wait for it, prosecco ON TAP.  So in the interest of fairness, we kick off with Spritz & then move on to Prosecco.  Fair’s fair you know.

Next up, it’s time for the schnitzel.  Not really knowing the difference between them, I opt for the Rare breed pork and it’s a beautiful flattened crumbly but tender slab of meat!  I am glad though that we’ve ordered some anchovies on top as the salty pungent fish works beautifully with what is undeniably a tasty, but somewhat bland dish. We ordered some sides to go with the meal – the spatzle n cheese is what I’d essentially describe as macaroni & cheese, good mac and cheese, if ever so slightly firm and chewy.  The sauerkraut isn’t a favourite of the group, but the fries are crunchy and hot and adequately do the job. Controversially, a couple of the girls have opted for bratwurst and these are utterly gorgeous, one has cheese oozing out the middle and for that reason alone, it should be classed as a win!

For dessert, we order up the lot.  One of each to share – Apple Strudel, Kaiserschmarm, Sachertorte & Poppy Seed tart.  The Kaiserschmarm is a little like cut up pancakes with fruit compote, which I’m sure is not the technical explanation but its the one that makes the most sense. The apple strudel is fantastic, spicy & warm with cinnamon & clove with flaky pastry.  The poppy seed tart is not overly sweet and the sachertorte is rich and well, cakey.

Will I come back to Boopshi’s? Yes, I think so.  I like the concept, I like the food.  True, it didn’t blow me away but perhaps a stalwart food choice when you’re in the Charlotte St area and need a place to catch up with friends and get some hearty nourishment.  But I think I’ll go rogue and have the bratwurst next time.


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4 thoughts on “Boopshi’s

  1. I love that you’re kind enough to share the desserts though!
    That Bratwurst does sound divine…

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