Tapas at Brindisa, London Bridge

Monica and I have a lot of common.  Monica from Friends that is.  Like her, I am all about the Planned fun.  What time, where, when and how I plan to have fun.  That’s why I don’t think I could just take a year off and go travelling.  I mean, how could I possibly excel that?  In the eating world, this translates into a hate for no reservation restaurants.  But I may hate them, but I’m also definitely perpetuating them by going to these places! Why?  Because well, the hype takes over.  I wanted to try Pizarro, Patty & Bun, Bubbledogs & Burger & Lobster and short of doing the stupid queuing thing (or eating dinner at 5pm) there wasn’t any option but to play the dance of ‘When are all my mates going to turn up so I can put my name down’.

But sometimes, just sometimes it’s really useful.  Like those rare moments in my life when I plan spontaneous fun, like heading out for Husband’s birthday all spur of the moment like.  And that is when places like Tapas Brindisa are of the most use.  Despite it being mid-week, the place is buzzing and I’m here a little early so like a nigel no mates, I sip on my cava at the bar pretending to be cool.

Another massive bugbear is a restaurant telling you that you only have a certain amount of time to eat before your derriere has even made contact with the chair, but I’m trying to limit the volume of whinging per post so let’s talk about the food.

We order up a bunch of stuff – Jamon platter, Padron peppers, Gambas al ajillo, spinach and Lamb chops.  Excuse the bad photos – the lighting is set to camera-hating.


I’d not had Padron peppers before and these were fantastic – spicy with a crunchy hit.  I could go through a few bowls of this and still convince myself that I was eating my vegetables.  The spinach on the other hand, lightly wilted with pine nuts was too oily and counteracted any benefit one may have gotten from eating spinach in the first place.  Popeye would not approve.

The plate of ham was fantastic and way too easy to just tear into, the lamb chops were a little too rare for me, but a taste sensation nonetheless and the gambas as garlicky as their name suggests.

We finish through our meal pretty quickly and I’m sorely tempted to ask for a gold star in not only meeting their time target, but beating it, but I restrain and behave myself.

It’s good food and we have a great night, but this is a place I’ll go to when I’m not organised, rather than making a date to play the time for dinner roulette.

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Find the menu on Zomato


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