David Leslie afternoon tea

David Leslie is a Chocolatier, Baker and self-proclaimed cake-artist. This I discovered when a deal email popped into my inbox with an offer introducing David Leslie’s afternoon teas.  The teas take place in Leicester Square’s Penthouse nightclub, on the very top floor and so suitably intrigued, we try it out on a Friday evening, a dose of chocolate being exactly what I needed to set me up for the weekend.  So, needless to say, expectations are running pretty high

The top floor of a nightclub is rather an odd place to host a tea, but this is a tea with a difference and there’s no denying the magnificence of the view below us.  They appeared to be running a little late, so it took some time before we were seated – unfortunately neighbouring a canoodling couple who clearly would have rather that we took our gossiping selves to another table.

There are no scones or sandwiches in this particular tea, cakes, macarons and hot chocolate is the order of the day.  Unfortunately, the view and the opportunity for a catch up were amongst the best things on offer.


We start off with the milk chocolate-topped hazelnut sponge, the sponge being moist and flavoursome, but the chocolate has come straight out of the fridge and is cold and hard with a bit of condensation to it.

Service was, how shall I put this, well meaning, but bordering on the strange.  They offered us some cake, then it wasn’t available, then it was again.  Then it was available again.  Finally we gave up and just ate what was put in front of us.

We can fill the macarons with our own fillings; salted caramel or molten chocolate.  It’s pretty hard to squeeze enough filling out for these, but the macarons are soft, chewy and the filling does the job.  The hot chocolate is not nearly as rich enough as you’d like (I think Starbucks may actually have a richer version) but it does tick the chocolatey box.

We do get the chance to fill our own chocolates and they go down a treat when I take them home.

It feels strange to be leaving just as the nightlife is kicking off in Leicester square and we leave full of the sweet stuff, yet still unsatisfied.


13 thoughts on “David Leslie afternoon tea

  1. You definitely put the experience in nice terms! We went a few days ago and it was awful! Not only was the service really bad- it panned out to one piece of cake..one tiny macaron..and a hot chocolate with some truffles for 40£ per person…that’s more expensive than going to the chocolate afternoon tea in Hilton!

  2. Yea exactly, it wasn’t bad per se, just one of those places you walked out of with no intention really to return. Real shame as how amazing does Chocoholics afternoon tea sound!

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