Blue Boar Smokehouse

Where are all the politicians? Aren’t we always hearing about how they’re all fiddling their expenses, wildly abusing taxpayer money etc etc.  Well, where are they? More accurately, where are they eating?  Westminster appears to be a bit of a food wasteland, sure we have the frankly excellent Cinnamon Club, but that can’t seriously be it.  Or is all the money going into creating bird houses and the like instead?

Perhaps that’s the hole the Blue Boar Smokehouse sought to fill, a restaurant situated inside the Intercontinental hotel by New Scotland Yard.  While the idea of a smokehouse (messy, greasy, charred flesh) is a little incongruous with the stuffiness of Westminster, the decor is clearly taking its cues from politics-land and is reminiscent of a gentleman’s club, all heavy white tablecloths and acres of dark wood.

We have to try and mess up our tablecloth a little and so an order of ribs is up for starters.   In an entirely uncivilised fashion, I tear into this, teeth first and the taste is fantastic.  Juicy, succulent, my dining partner is trying to eat these things with a knife and fork to spare the indignity of meat juice on her clothes.  Sensible, but she is missing out!



Unfortunately things go south from here.  Since this is a smokehouse, I’ve chosen from the pulled meats section, a pile of soft pork served with sage & onion rolls, baked beans, coleslaw and pickles.

The baked beans taste like someone’s taken a pot of mustard to a pot of baked beans and given it a whirl.  Needless to say, I am not a fan.  The coleslaw is bitter and the sage & onion rolls could take out some old dear’s teeth.  The pork is tasty but swimming in a pool of grease so I’m not keen on finishing this one.



The steak is deemed a slightly better success, but for an unfathomable reason, comes marooned on a vast white plate with morsels of tomato floating alongside.


If the Blue Boar is what we’re relying on to feed the nation’s politicians, then it’s really no wonder they’re all in such sorry shape.

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5 thoughts on “Blue Boar Smokehouse

  1. Oh no, I can’t believe their meals are that pants! That last photo says it all; if you can bother to make it look good then your customers will never return. We had Afternoon Tea there just before Christmas and it was okay; not brilliant but okay. xx

    • Didn’t realise they did afternoon tea, but it sounds like a bit of an all-round meh place! Shame really as I did like the ribs!

    • I’m wondering if it’s because they haven’t quite yet found their mojo as they haven’t been open long however to get customers to return you need to be fantastic from day 1! The rooms are stunning however my other half was not impressed with the service in the bar x

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