Mac & Cheese, Burger & Fries, Peanut Butter & Jam. These are all fairly normal food combinations, Hot Dogs & Champagne however, feature on the funkier end of the taste sensation spectrum.  Bubbledogs, the site, doesn’t really explain the reason for this unlikely pairing but reviews suggest it’s going gangbusters and not being one to be at all on trend, numerous months later, I trot off to find out what the big deal is.

This is another one of those annoying no reservations places, so to avoid a silly sort of wait, we’re here for what some might charitably describe as an early bird dinner.  Even so, the place is packed but there are spots available to eat at the bar and not wearing the sort of shoes that prepares me for standing about, to the bar we go.

Bar at BubbledogsFaced with a blackboard of options to peruse, we quickly get stuck into the bubbles and this lends rather a festive air to proceedings.    Not being able to decide between the dog options, our waiter suggests we order a few and share them, which seems a great solution.

Together we opt for Date Dog – ironically labelled as it’s a medley of garlic, the New Yorker with fried onions and the Reuben, with sauerkraut.  We wash it down with some sweet potato fries, crispy and crunchy and salty and moreish.

The dogs are nice, there’s no doubting it, but served in plastic trays reminiscent of American ball games, it seems somewhat at odds with the champagne.  I suppose they’re going for the trashy but edgy look but it may be somewhat lost on me.

The service is relaxed and despite the long queues snaking outside (Avert your eyes so as to not feel guilty), we’re not hurried along and since dessert doesn’t feature on the menu, we decide to have a cocktail in lieu.

It’s been a nice, albeit confusing evening for my tastebuds and while I enjoyed myself, this isn’t somewhere I would necessarily run back to.  There was nothing wrong with any of the elements, I liked the hot dogs, I liked the bubbles, I especially liked the cocktails but the elements put together just didn’t do the job.

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7 thoughts on “Bubbledogs

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  2. I’ve steered clear for this reason, but then again champagne always makes things a little better…

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