Champagne + Fromage

All special occasions should be celebrated with bubbles, and where better than a trip to Champagne + Fromage, to celebrate friend E entering the hallowed halls of the legal profession.

It’s a warm welcoming shop window just a few steps away from Covent Garden & theatre-land, the interior looking like what I imagine a rustic deli in the deepest darkest French countryside to look like.


We’re pretty hungry, so glass of fizz in hand, we order a selection of food to share.   One of us (note, it’s not me) is vegetarian and there’s a great selection of vegetarian friendly options so off we go.

Needless to say, cheese features on all menu items and we go for a mixed platter, seasonal quiche, basque tartine and a baked camembert with figs and thyme.  Basically, we’ve ordered everything vegetarian friendly the menu has to offer, which is a fair volume so we’re pretty happy!

Everything we order comes attractively presented and soon our small table is filled with boards, plates, salads and cheese.  So much cheese.  My favourites are the baked camembert and cheese board and the breads that go with them are nutty and flavoursome and a perfect accompaniment.    The quiche is hot and succulent and the tartine is oozing grilled vegetables and of course, cheese.

Never thought I would ever protest at the thought of so much cheese, but by the last mouthful of tartine, I’m beginning to flag.

To counteract the effects of all that cheese, it’s only fitting we indulge in some desserts – and fit in some more champagne at the same time.  We share some macarons and go for the champagne & raspberry tiramisu.  The tiramisu is loose, frothy, sweet and one of a kind – nothing at all like the more traditional coffee liqueur versions – this one is light and I could have eaten a fair few of these.    The macarons are crunchy and not too sweet and round off the meal perfectly.

When you’re looking to celebrate, I more often frequent the type of restaurant with starched linen tablecloths & formally suited waiters, but it just goes to show that all you really need to celebrate is some friendly service, some great food (Even though I may not eat cheese again for some time), a warm cosy restaurant and of course, champagne.

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