Dragon castle

Elephant & Castle isn’t automatically where you’d think to go to get a decent Dim Sum, but in my opinion London as a whole suffers from the quality down and dirty places so a trip over there is as good as any to get a fix! It’s hardly the most glamorous of locales, but home to some good grub.

A fish pond greets you as you enter – copper pennies swimming with the fish, and we’re in a fairly standard large scale Chinese restaurant, white tablecloths & Chinese teapots at the ready.

There’s a hefty menu and we waste no time getting down to business.   We kick off with Deep fried squid with Chilli & Garlic and if this is a sign of things to come, we are happy campers.  The garlic/chilli topping is so good we’re still scooping it up long after the squid is gone.  The garlic will ward off vampires later.

The roast duck is served cold, which I hadn’t expected but tasty,  albeit a little bony.  Previous reviewers have praised the Cheung Fun and the prawn version is fantastic – hefty prawns rolled into a light rice wrapper in a light soy sauce.

I’m not a fan of the Char Siu steamed buns but that’s about the only flaw in the ointment.  The scallop dumplings & the bean curd rolls are good but my adulation is reserved for the Fried Turnip cake.  I had a hard time persuading Husband to agree to this dish, and I’m not sure he was entirely convinced, but for me, it was the best of the lot.

It’s a starchy, soft, shredded turnip mass cooked together with chilli, garlic, spring onions and beansprouts and I’d go back again just for this dish alone.

Dragon Castle now features on my list of regular eating haunts – bring friends, that way you can sample even more (So speaks the voice of the gluttonous).

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