Vegetarians, turn aside.  This isn’t a place for you.  This is a place for some serious meat eating.   It’s a cold blustery Sunday & we’re here for a Sunday roast.

I must admit, I’ve never really warmed to the traditional roast that, come Sunday, seems to be on the much wished for list of so many around me.  But nevertheless, I’m usually impressed with whatever the Hawksmoor stumps up and so off we go.

I kick things off with a Bloody Mary – it’s spicy, it’s zingy and they’ve even brought me some Tabasco in case it needs livening up further.


But let’s talk about the main reason we’re here.  We’ve been warned not to muddy the waters by ordering starters or sides and so we go straight for the main event of the day – the Sunday Roast.  It’s a large slab of meat, cooked medium-rare, spinach, Yorkshire pudding, Roast potatoes, a whole bulb of roast garlic, spinach and carrots.  Oh and a tureen of gravy.

I’m beginning to think that having my toast that morning was a bad idea.

The meat is beautifully cooked, tender and melt in the mouth.  But its the sides that steal the show (Which in itself is surprising, I’m very much a carnivore girl!).  My favourite is the whole bulb of garlic – I decline the offers of mustards and instead use my soft pungent sweet garlic as a spread to spear my meat with.  The roast potatoes were the perfect combo of crunch and fluff and the spinach and carrots made me feel terribly virtuous.  I’m ambivalent on the Yorkshire pudding & husband whisks it away from me before I can say any more.


Despite my voluminous plate, I still manage to wipe it clean and it is only then that I’m able to look around and appraise my surroundings.  It’s a simple restaurant that follows a Hawksmoor formula – wood panelling, leather banquettes and glistening glassware.

Today we’re in Air Street and I’m told it’s only this particular branch that has a healthy dedicated seafood section – so if you’re not in the mood for a steak, this should be the branch for you.

Hawksmoor always delivers.

Hawksmoor Air Street on Urbanspoon

Find the menu on Zomato


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