Patty and Bun

I’m so late to the party to sample the burger trend that I’m not even entirely sure if it is still a trend – but nevertheless I FINALLY trot off to sample some burgers at Patty & Bun.

Situated on James St (Or to make things much simpler, it’s behind that lovely Yellow store I can’t afford on Oxford St) its central location makes it a great place to gain some sustenance before hitting the shops.

It’s a simple enough exterior and having been warned off it’s epic queues of hungry punters, I’m grateful to grab the last twosome on a midweek afternoon.  The place is buzzing with workers treating themselves to a lunchtime fix.   Quirky cardboard art lines the walls but there is no doubt, this is a place for some serious eating.



The menu is straightforward enough; I opt for the ‘Lambshank Redemption’ and Mum goes for the ‘Smokey Robinson.  We also throw in some Coleslaw and Chips with Rosemary Salt.



I’ve heard and read so much about these burgers that I’m beginning to worry that I’ve built these up and we’re set for a disappointment.    And while I love places like GBK and even a good ol’ pub special, I’m wondering just how special a place like this can make them.

Well in this case, the hype is entirely justified.  We were blown away.  Just stupendous.

The lamb was cooked perfectly, very slightly pink, complemented perfectly by the feta and the sweetish brioche providing a cacophony of flavours.   I loved how the patty matched the size of the bun perfectly.  Too often you end up with a mismatched bun to patty ratio & I don’t know what kind of mastery they use here, but with each mouthful you get a layer of all the little bits.


The Smokey Robinson was equally fabulous – and completely different in flavour!  You expect burgers to have a base ‘burger’ taste but these were poles apart.     The smokey flavour was rich and even the yellowy American cheese didn’t have a hint of the tacky about it.

Both of us had burger envy and kept sneaking in bites of the other’s burger to continually marvel at the flavours.  I’m not sure I could choose which one was my favourite and I’m going to have to go back and make sure I’ve sampled all the different flavours.  For research purposes only, you understand.


The sides were ok – The chips were perfectly cooked with the right amount of crunch vs fluff but the flecks of green meant to be rosemary added no discernable flavour.   The coleslaw was fine, but far too mustardy for my liking and not a necessary accompaniment to the meal.

I’m sure Patty & Bun don’t need me to add to their long line of happy fans, but hey, they’ve won me over.
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