Snowflake Gelato, Soho

If Willy Wonka went into the gelato trade, there would probably be any number of Oompa Loompa’s running a place like this.

Lady loves cake has been invited to try out Snowflake Gelato and very generously invited me to join her for an afternoon of dessert treatery.

There are two outlets; the first in Bayswater on Westbourne Grove and one on Wardour St in Soho which is where we are.  The interior is all bright and shiny and white leather banquettes and bright stools line the back to provide some seating to while away our afternoon.


There’s an extensive sundae, waffle and drinks menu and this combined with the largest gelato counter in London doesn’t make it particularly easy to make any kind of decisions.

After a lot of umming and aahing I go simple – a scoop of Snowflake Guilt Free Pear and one of Hazelnut.  The Guilt Free range has no added sugar and Baby Loves Cake decides it’s entirely suitable for her and whips the spoon out of my mouth to have a taste for herself!!

The hazelnut is divine, not too overpoweringly sweet but nutty and delicious.  But it’s the pear one that takes my breath away – it basically tastes exactly like a cold perfect pear!  Willy Wonka would be so impressed.


Snowflake Gelato have a molten chocolate tap (yes you read that right, MOLTEN CHOCOLATE TAP) and it is exactly as amazing as it sounds.

Lady Loves cake has opted for a Choc Affogato which is a gelato nestling in a pool of this hot chocolate.  Chocoholic heaven.  I may have snuck in quite a few sips when she wasn’t watching.


The waffles were hot and the strawberry gelato made us feel terribly virtuous (at least one of my five a day surely?).


We balanced out our desserts with some teas and had an extremely enjoyable afternoon surrounded by sweet treats and watching the world go bye.

The hot chocolate alone is worth a significant detour from wherever you may reside.   It’s also open late into the evening so my advice to you is to take a pass on any desserts offered to you in other establishments and high-tail it here.  Save a lot of space though – you’ll regret it otherwise!

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Find the menu on Zomato


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