Goan cuisine at Ma Goa, Putney

When going out for Indian food, northern Indian/ Punjabi cuisine is usually on offer and heading to Ma Goa, I was looking forward to trying something new in the form of Goan cuisine.
Goa, famed for it’s hedonistic beaches, is a fusion of Indian and Portuguese, a product of 500 years of Portuguese occupation.  Goan cuisine is heavily Portuguese influenced and given its coastal location, includes a hefty dose of seafood.

We’re here with a large group to celebrate a birthday and we’re soon settled in a warm cosy room with some piped Bollywood tunes filtering through.

The menu is completely different to the usual Indian fare so it takes some time to go through.  Husband and I opt to share the lamb starter – Borrego Pankhwalla – grilled marinated lamb cutlets.

The lamb is tender and could match even the famed Tayyabs cutlets.  The accompanying yoghurt is perplexingly sweet so I give it a miss and the lamb is much the better without the dip.


As is the Indian way, we order a few mains to share – Goan Prawn Kodi (Apparently a popular dish found on Goan beaches), potatoes and the Goan equivalent of Palak Paneer (Spinach and cottage cheese).

Prawn Kodi is prawns in a tamarind and coconut sauce, the prawns were meaty and moist and the gravy ever so slightly sweet and spicy.

The Palak Paneer is pretty standard and I’m blown away by the potatoes – fried with tomatoes and fenugreek leaves.



All in all, we’ve had a great meal and this is a place I will definitely recommend to enjoy India’s regional delights.

Ma Goa on Urbanspoon

Find the menu on Zomato


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