Tsunami, Charlotte St

Japanese fine dining takes on a glamorous turn when it comes to Tsunami. Sleek banquettes, purple mood lighting and Japanese art line the walls in the long narrow restaurant on Charlotte Street. 20131122-155219.jpg The eye catching part is however undoubtedly the long buffet table of fresh sushi and sashimi.  Saturdays have a deal available – for £30, you get unlimited appetisers, sushi, sashimi, a hot main and dessert. The £50 option also gains you unlimited champagne but for today, we’re not in a bubbly sort of mood, we’re doing the standard deal.

20131122-155233.jpg  20131122-155247.jpg







We gorge ourselves on a mountain of fresh maki rolls -salmon, tuna and soft shell crab.  There’s also salmon, tuna, mackerel and clam nigiri, tuna and salmon tataki salad, a seaweed salad and aubergine with Miso paste. The soft shell crab rolls are a disappointment, but everything else is fresh and tasty.

Husband has more than one helping of salad, which alone points to the quality of the food.  My favourite is the salmon tataki salad, the dressing is light and zingy and I have since been doing some frantic googling to try and replicate the taste.

20131122-155257.jpg For mains, our group splits into two camps – two of us choose the pork belly and the other two get the salmon Teriyaki.  The pork belly is well cooked, the sauce flavoursome and the vegetables have a bit of crunch. 20131122-155350.jpg The same can’t really be said for the salmon – it is well cooked but the sauce is watery and a little bitter. 20131122-155359.jpg We finish off with dessert, for some reason we’re not permitted to order a whole dessert each, or have more than 1 scoop of ice cream each (Rather takes the Un out of unlimited) so we’re forced to share. Unfortunately, I’m stuffed to the brim at this stage so photo taking escapes me, but the mango passionfruit cheesecake is nice, with a set mango jelly on top. The ice cream though is my favourite – we have a black sesame scoop and its the perfect not too sweet end to a great meal. And the best part, Japanese food makes you feel terribly virtuous, even though you’ve just scoffed your way through an unlimited buffet.

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