Shake shack, Covent Garden

In New York, I tried my first Shake Shack and so added my name to the thousands of Shake Shack fans around the world.

Our first Shake Shack outing was in Manhattan’s Madison Square garden on one of the hottest days of a New York summer.

shake shack

My 2nd outing was in a Christmas setting at the outlet’s new London opening in Covent Garden.  Festive baubles and a mulled wine on the side and we’re sitting in open air seating surrounded by festive shoppers.


The menu comprises of burgers and hot dogs in the meat category and frozen custards for dessert.  I want a cream soda float, but for some strange reason despite the menu saying Cream soda, what the Covent Garden outlet actually serves is Fanta.  Not cool.

I order the Shack-Cago dog, a standard hot dog with all the best of the American condiments arranged on top – onion, mustard, relish and all that is good.

The fries are pretty standard fare, but the dog is one of the best.  Good quality meat, no nasty gritty bits and the toppings seal the deal.


Shake Shack on Urbanspoon

Find the menu on Zomato


8 thoughts on “Shake shack, Covent Garden

  1. I had a few hot dogs from there when I was in NYC last year. But I was told afterwards that I should have done their burgers! Now I’m torn what to order when I go to the London one, because the hot dogs were good! Haven’t tried the frozen custard mmmmm….

  2. I really don’t like the frozen custards or the queuing system. Or the location, really.

    Apparently they’re trialling their own fries in the States, rather than the frozen crinkle cut ones. I think this is good news.

    Their burgers are deffo better than Five Guys, but not as good as MeatMarket.

    • Oh dear, we’ll count you off the fan list then! Both Meat market & Five guys are on the to eat list so I’ll have to tell you my ranking on that!

      Ps. We’ll have to agree to disagree on the frozen custard front 🙂

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