Feng sushi

I usually associate the London Bridge area with the hordes that visit the food stalls on the weekend only but a visit to Borough Market one wet Saturday evening shows that the crowds haven’t dissipated.  My original plan of a visit to Brindisa is blown out the water (I’m far too hungry to wait for a table) and so we wander down to Feng Sushi.

The interior is dark and atmospheric and looks warming on a cold winter’s eve.


There’s a seasonal menu  at play and while we’ve largely ordered from the main, we are tempted by the sesame tofu with mushroom sauce and it is fantastic.  I would have appreciated some advice on how to eat it as we are confused by whether to use the sauce as a dip or a soup to soak the tofu in.  The tofu is crunchy on the outside and firm on the inside and the sauce is more of a broth with mushrooms and mixed vegetables but nevertheless a tasty accompaniment.


Our salmon sashimi is fresh, but does have some significant fatty stripes through it.   It’s a bit off putting.


We’ve also got a mixed platter with salmon & tuna sashimi, salmon & tuna nigiri, mock duck in pancakes and vege tempura.   Nothing out of the ordinary.


We also had a soft shell crab roll, which again was only average.  The crab was cold and clearly straight from the fridge and while it was assembled neatly, there was no aromatic flavours of the crab coming through.


We ended the meal with a couple of scoops of ice cream – chocolate with wasabi and black sesame.  The wasabi overpowered the senses in the chocolate ice cream (as wasabi does) but the black sesame ice cream was sensational.


Overall, I liked the food, but Feng Sushi commands a premium over the other sushi chains that I felt was undeserved.  Itsu or Wasabi both do excellent and fresh sushi and sashimi at a lower price (if not quite the same ambience) and we left feeling a little unsatisfied.

Perhaps I should have waited for my table of tapas after all.

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Find the menu on Zomato


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