Teapod on Bermondsey Street

I’ve frequently mentioned the trendification of Bermondsey Street and while it’s great to have this hotbed of fashionable restaurants on my doorstep, sometimes all you want is some simple food to fill a lunchtime gap with a reasonable price tag.

Enter Teapod.

I know of a couple of Teapod’s – one is by the Design Museum at Butler’s Wharf and this one is by the Fashion & Textile Museum on Bermondsey St. (I’ve actually never made it to either museum but that’s by the by).


Both cafes serve up basic hot food in the guise of brunches, sandwiches and soups and that is exactly what we’re after on an autumnal day with a chill in the air.


Sister & I haven’t had breakfast so we opt for scrambled eggs and toast – one with bacon and the other with smoked salmon.  A bargain at under £5 each.  The eggs are similar to ones you’d make at home, by which I mean they lack the richness (i.e. cream) that usually go into restaurant scrambled eggs, which I somehow just can’t bring myself to add to my own efforts at home.   However, the portion is plentiful and does what it says on the tin.



Husband opts for soup and a roll and votes this as being a real winner, hot, comforting and filling!


I note with interest that they do a very reasonably priced afternoon tea – both a savoury and sweet version and this is something I will definitely be back for, to meet up with friends for a relaxed beverage and snack away from the crowds that hover around the more famous establishments.


What do you think?

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