Savoy Grill

Friend K in town meant that I got to be a London tour guide for a week and ahead of our lunch at the Savoy Grill, my fun fact of the day was:  Traffic entering & leaving the Savoy hotel does so by driving on the right – one of the only places in the UK to do so.  There’s a good Pub quiz question for you.

The Savoy went through a £220m refurbishment a few years ago and while I wasn’t around to do a before/after comparison, the hotel interior is pure glam.  Polished marble floors, opulent orchid floral arrangements, gleaming chandeliers and all this simply on the walk to the (Equally impressive) bathroom!

Savoy exterior

The restaurant interior is a little corporate and this is certainly reflected in the calibre of the other diners decked out as they are in smart suits and sharp tailoring.

Savoy grill interior

Today we’re here with an offer – 3 courses & a Bellini for a very well priced £26pp.   The waitress notes that I am in no position to be drinking a bellini and very kindly offers to switch mine to include Lemonade instead of the much more fun Champagne.   Very reluctantly I agree, and it is delicious and with the beautiful glasses, I can *almost* forget I’m not sipping on bubbles.

Savoy grill bellinis

Visiting Friend is Vegetarian and the starters offer more than just the 1 obligatory Vegetarian option which is a pleasant surprise.  I opt for Gazpacho and it is both tart and sweet at the same time, but perhaps erring a little too much on the tart side.  So much so, I nibble on some bread to counteract the sharpness settling in my stomach…

savoy grill tomato gazpacho

No such complaints were directed towards the Baked Beetroot salad which was a perfect balance of flavours, if quite heavy for a starter thanks to the plentiful portion of goats cheese littering the plate.

savoy grill baked beetroot salad

The most generous praise was leveled at the Onion tart, spliced with Leeks, Mushrooms and (more) Goat’s cheese.  It was light, tasty and hit the spot.
savoy onion tart

Unfortunately, the same could not be said for my Meat Ravioli.  I wanted to like it, I really did.  I persevered, I ate almost the whole thing.  BUT… the pasta was hard.  Like slightly stale biscuit hard/chewy.  Not the texture one really goes for when eating pasta.   The filling was ok, nothing spectacular, I might expect something similar in a Cornish snack sold at many a train station nationwide.

savoy grill stuffed ravioli

I didn’t fare too much better with dessert – I opted for a Summer Berry Millefeuille, having spotted it at a nearby table, but unfortunately the presentation was the best part of this dish.    The cream was dense with little to no berry flavour and far too dense to be compared to a light airy summer dessert.

savoy millefeuille

And again (And this was starting to get annoying), Friend’s Eton Mess was divine.  Clearly, her ordering talents were superior to mine and I heroically resisted from simply demolishing hers.

savoy grill eton mess
The Petit Fours went a little way to restoring my good humour, but it was too little too late.  (The Choc one was divine.  Like eating a naughty muesli bar).

savoy grill petit fours

And now this is probably just going to sound petty, but the seats were uncomfortable.  I was sitting at a banquette table and by the end of the meal, I’d taken to stuffing my handbag behind my  back to provide some much needed support.

My friend and I had two entirely different experiences – the service was helpful and charming we both agreed, but her food was rated simply top notch and I remained unimpressed.  A mixed bag and so all I can say is that I’m glad we had a special deal to take advantage of.

Perhaps next time, I’ll just recommend a drink at one of the beautiful bars.
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