Not Afternoon Tea at the Oxo Tower

Interesting fact – The Oxo Tower’s illuminated signage comes from a time when advertisements visible from the Thames were not allowed, so ingeniously 3 windows on the tower were designed spelling out an O X & O.

This is about the only London-related fact I’ve taken on board following the Thames River Boat cruise a few years ago and one I was eager to boast about to Friend K visiting from NZ upon arriving here for Afternoon Tea.

Or as it’s referred to here – the Not Afternoon Tea.

There are 2 options when having tea here – one can opt for the standard tea – £24.5 including a cocktail or a more lavish experience – these range from inclusions of tea, chocolates, champagnes etc to some even designed specifically for kids.   We opt for the standard £24.5 option.  oxo tower not so afternoon tea

My choice – Chocolate Bubbles while Friend K opts for Picnic Berries.  Both options come with cocktails but they’re more than happy to switch my cocktail over to a non-alcoholic variety and to counteract all the chocolatey-ness I choose an Oriental Chill – Lychees & lime juice washed over with ginger beer.

I found it refreshing and a very pleasant tang compared to the sweetness of my desserts.

The Berry cocktail is a Rum & Strawberry concoction with Lime Juice and syrup – but this one was deemed far too sweet (Like drinking Jam apparently) and was barely half drunk.

oxo tower cocktails

My Chocolate Bubbles platter comes with (From Left to Right)

– Chocolate Hazelnut Macaroons

– Blondie Choc Mousse with bitter choc pieces

– Caramel Sponge with peanut butter truffles

– Chocolate Pavlova

My favourites were the Macaroons and Pavlova.  Oh and the peanut butter truffles.  And the pieces of honeycomb you see littering the plate.   So basically everything.   I was a little worried that the chocolate plate might be too sweet and overwhelming but it was a good balance of flavours and the aforementioned cocktail helps keep the sweetness factor down.

oxo tower chocolate bubbles

K’s Picnic Berries definitely had the edge in Presentation and included:

– Raspberry parfait in a chocolate sandwich

– Strawberry and champagne mousse

– Popcorn ice cream, blueberry compote

– Mixed berry and orange cheesecake

There was even a mini blueberry muffin thrown in for good measure.  The raspberry parfait/cake & the popcorn ice cream were the clear winners here!

oxo tower picnic berriesAll in all, we had a great afternoon – the service was attentive and friendly and the views, well the views are what you really come here for, but the cakes were a close 2nd.

oxo tower view st paulsThe website does not specify how long the Not Afternoon tea is running for, but it is being billed as a Summer experience, so get in there quick.

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Find the menu on Zomato


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