A Dishoom Brunch… Shoreditch

A Sunday shopping spree in Spitalfields market requires sustenance and where better to begin the day than brunching at one of my favourite spots – Dishoom

I’ve previously been to Dishoom in Covent Garden and this outpost has the advantage of a large outdoor courtyard – all the better for a sunny brunch.

Dishoom sign

Dishoom Shoreditch Exterior

The papers are available if you like your brunch with a side order of keeping up with world news (I don’t.  I prefer to indulge in a good gossip.)

Dishoom reading the papers

The menu has a distinctly Indian twist to it – but covers all the usual basics of Bacon, Eggs and more healthier Oaty options.

Dishoom Breakfast Menu

Chais were the highlight of the drinks menu, although there was also a nod to coffee and Bloody/Virgin Mary’s.
Dishoom Breakfast Menu 2

We opted to kick off with the Chocolate Chai – the flavour is full of warmth & spice and while I’m not sure I could detect any chocolate, it packs a punch!

Husband was less impressed with his Virgin Mary, deeming it to be too spicy, but in this case, we must agree to disagree as I loved it!  Their Bloody version includes not Vodka as is traditional, but Tequila!

Unfortunately (Or perhaps fortunately??) this took so long to arrive that we were ready to leave and consequently opted to not get it.

dishoom drinks

Now for the main event – Bombay Omelette, Egg Naan and a couple of Bacon Naans.

The Bombay Omelette could have been home-assembled very easily – tasty but nothing special.  The fire bread (Bread toasted on an open flame) could have used a bit more fire to make it more like toast rather than bread.

dishoom bombay omlette

The naans were a great blend of east meets west and the cynic in me says this is certainly something that can also be replicated by paying a visit to your local Sainsbury’s.

The naans are layered with cream cheese and hint of heat through some chilli jam.  They muddled up our bacon naan’s offering the cream cheesed version to the lactose intolerant, which we only discovered late in the piece.

dishoom bacon naan

egg naan
My preference was for the bacon one – the egg one alone had a certain savoury bite missing to it – and the ideal of a Bacon & Egg one was missing from the menu, which would have ticked all boxes should it make their list.

I’ll be back, the chai alone would sell it to me and despite an overwhelming sense that I could probably make the breakfasts myself, laziness will prevail and the thought of a sunny courtyard and pre-market breakfast will do the trick almost every time.
Dishoom Shoreditch on Urbanspoon

Find the menu on Zomato


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