Bea’s Crawfish Boil, Maltby St

A while ago, I mentioned visiting Bea’s of Bloomsbury in Maltby St market for a scrumptious breakfast.   Today I’m here with 2 friends for Bea’s Crawfish Boil

The Crawfish boil began last year, hailing from Bea’s native lands of Louisiana and feature mountains of crawfish, potato, sausage, sweetcorn & dipping sauces.  Oh and Garlic Bread; And desserts.

A veritable feast.

Now I’ve been asked this a lot, but I don’t really know what the difference is between Crayfish & Crawfish.  Google differs wildly in opinion & well, let’s be frank, when it tastes this good, who cares what it may be called.

At the restaurant/diner, the usual roller doors are thrown open, allowing a welcome breeze through.  Diners sit on cafeteria tables covered with brown paper.  Rubbish bags, butcher paper, disposable plates and varieties of sauces litter the tables ready for hungry diners.

diner interior

We kick off with Garlic bread – well in excess of what 3 people might be able to eat and sample the sauces.  I count a rosemary flavoured, thousand island & mustard and a salsa.

garlic bread

But for the main event – a large steaming dish arrives filled to the brim with Crawfish, spicy polish sausage, Sweetcorn & potato.

crawfish boil

The crawfish are gently flavoured with the mild heat coming from the sausage – although small, there is no end to the masses and the boiling has them moist and juicy.

The sweetcorn has a kick to it, the potatoes I largely ignore & the sausage is a favourite second only to the crawfish.

We manage to devour 2 dishes of the goodies – although our 2nd platter leads to some ‘posing with crawfish’ fun.  

playing with crawfish

Raspberry Lemonade helps to wash it all down – pitchers of Margaritas, Wine and cocktails are also an option.  A neighbouring large group has an actual bucket of margaritas aiding their merriment.

raspberry lemonade

Dessert is brownies (Blondies, Dark Choc or Choc with nuts) but having had my fill of Crawfish & sausage, I opt for a Strawberry ice lolly.

Made of real strawberry juice, this boy melts fast and is a refreshing end to the feasting.
strawberry ice lolly

And once we roll our heaving stomachs out the door – the view that greets you as you leave.

Pretty special.


The crawfish boil is running till the 29th Sept 2013, £32pp at the Maltby St branch (Under the Railway arches).
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