Burger and Lobster (Definitely the Lobster)

Burger & Lobster is no longer a novelty on the London restaurant scene, but judging by the crowds that still throng outside waiting for a table, not a trend that is going to die down any time soon.

For anybody not in the know, £20 buys you a Burger, a Lobster Roll or a Half Lobster (Grilled or Steamed).  Simples.

Post work on a Friday, bracing ourselves for a long queue, we hightail it to Mayfair – tucked away on a side street minutes from Green Park station, we’re ushered into a table pretty quickly.   To be fair, it’s not even 6pm.  Eager Beavers we are.

One can choose to eat at the bar or on more traditional table/banquette seats.

B&L Interior

The simplicity of the menu allows for easy ordering.  Jennie has never been before & so we opt to half and half for the optimum trialling experience.  One Lobster Roll & One grilled lobster coming up.

There is an extensive drinks menu & the cocktails sublime, but being currently in the family way, I opt for a Grapefruit virgin cocktail.  Refreshing and a cut above the endless juices/ soft drinks that one is doomed to drink for 9+ months, it went a long way to brightening up the meal.

There is plenty of Grilled lobster to share – we each secure a pretty large claw and hearty main shell.

Grilled lobster

The Lobster roll is a little smaller, but rich.  Hot toasted Brioche Lobster toastie is probably a more apt description than Lobster Roll, but it is stuffed to the gills with lobster meat, ideal for those not willing to get stuck into the messier aspects of Lobster eating.

Lobster Roll

Chips are hot & crisp, the garlic butter makes for a delicious, if calorific dip/ drizzle.  I made some half hearted attempts to eat the salad, for the sake of the bump, but baby was much happier with the lobster and chips.   Good baby.

Dessert could not be managed, but similar to the food menu there are only 2 options – something chocolatey and something fruity, but with the weather behaving itself, what we really wanted was ice cream so we departed.

Thanks to our early arrival, we were therefore finished by 7pm and hastened back outside to the sunshine, to be greeted by large queues at the door.    2 other diners were now set to be very happy.

One negative point – The toilets could use a bit of a clean…

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6 thoughts on “Burger and Lobster (Definitely the Lobster)

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  3. You are in the family way? CONGRATS!!!!! I’m sure the wee one will really like the lobster. I preferred the roll, believe it or not. I’ve had both the roll and the bbq lobster now.

    • Thanks 🙂 I had some amazing lobster rolls in Canada last year & these ones don’t really compare so I’m a grilled girl at this place!!

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