A Spanish Fiesta at Pizarro

Spanish King Jose Pizarro, he of Tapas Brindisa fame, now resides on Bermondsey St – Jose is a teeny weeny Tapas & Sherry bar which is also on my hit list, but today with the family in town, we’re here for a meal at Pizarro, the more formal sit down restaurant.

family photo outside

Although the place doesn’t take reservations (Grrrrr) its largely empty at 7ish on a Saturday evening, no doubt the pleasant weather keeping folks away till late.

The decor is dark woods, dim booths, perfect to cosy up on winter nights but seemed incongruous on a bright sunny London eve.  Although to be fair, its not like we get so many of those anyway.


We kick off with Breads & Olive Oils – the olive oil was a treat.  One taste & you wonder what on earth that liquid you have in a jar at home is meant to be.

photo 1The menu comes in a Tapas & Mains portion – not wanting to commit to large portions, we dedicated ourselves mainly to the smaller bites to begin.


Iberico Ham Platter.  This was so good we had 2.  Not so good for the ol’ bank balance, but oh. so. good.
photo 2

Prawns with broad beans.  You’d expect the prawns to be the star of this dish, but everything worked together so beautifully it was a treat to spear bean, ham and prawn together.
photo 3

Although I don’t have a picture, the beetroot cured salmon with yolk proved a tad too ‘raw’ for many tastes, I had no such qualms and it was moist, tender and had a beautiful flavour.

The croquettas were hot, light, flavoursome and happily meaty for one who is so often accustomed to balls of mashed potato with no filling masquerading as croquettas.


Having exhausted almost all the small bites portions, we progressed onto mains, however we still preferred to share so these were laid out for all.

The Salt cod was well cooked, flaky, moist and delicious but my personal favourite was the Iberico Pork Press.

salt codGiven the volume of Iberico Ham we’d got through, it seemed at odds to order the Pork but oh am I glad we did.  Pork Press isn’t at all what I expected it to be.  Certainly not anything like the dried out pork chops you so often get with a dollop of fake apple sauce on the side.

This was moist, rich, flavoured and came with a crunchy layer of what I can only call candy.  Pieces of pineapple, chocolate (I think it’s chocolate anyway), grains of rye, it was a combination I could have add for dessert.

Iberico pork press

For dessert we opted for a trio of delights to share again – while perfectly tasty, my heart (ok sorry Stomach) was won over by the Pork and there it was likely to stay.

The service was attentive and helpful; they offered helpful advice and information about what we were eating & were happy to let us share all the while as we ignored the set order of the meal.

Only one thing blighted the evening, we were informed at the beginning they had a 2 hour turnaround policy which we agreed to – while ordering our dessert they let us know they needed the table back in 15.  We powered through dessert, only to be told by another waiter that they didn’t actually need the table back as they weren’t full.

Perhaps our waitress hadn’t realised there weren’t any waiting punters, but it wasn’t a dignified end to a great meal.

Jose is next on my hit list!

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Find the menu on Zomato


5 thoughts on “A Spanish Fiesta at Pizarro

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  4. Have you been to many of the restaurants on Bermondsey street? They always looked too fancy for what I was wearing when walking past.

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    • Not many – I’ve been to the Garrison & Village East but none of the fancier ones like Barrafina or anything! Might be one to dress up for 🙂

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