Breakfast at Bill’s Covent Garden

All girls’ days out should begin with Brunch and so we begin at Bill’s in Covent Garden for some nourishment to set us up for a day of shopping!  Bill’s is an all day cafe serving up an eclectic all day menu in sunny St Martin’s Courtyard, inside you’re surrounded by fresh produce in enticing displays to convince you to take something home.

bills interior

Today though we are ladies in need of sustenance.  Having cannily booked ahead (Do it, the queues were snaking up the stairs!), we start off with some excellent coffees while we peruse the menu.

I can’t really get past the Blueberry & Buttermilk pancakes with Strawberries & Banana and a side of Bacon (for the best Bacon in town, you must check out the Baconlicious exploits at Bea’s in Maltby St).  Sister has a complicated array of requests, all of which are met without a bat of an eyelid and all delivered with a smile – Eggs Royale for her & Eggs Florentine for Mum.

We’re really not easy customers and when the food arrives, the plate on which rest the Eggs Florentine seems a bit iffy but although the waitress seems perplexed by our sensitive noses, she exchanges it without any problem!

bills eggs florentinebills egg royalebills blueberry pancakes


The food was as I’d expect from any quality breakfasting establishment – hot, satisfying and perfectly cooked.  Post-meal, we’re conscious that the queues are building, but we’re not hurried or rushed in any way.

We leave ready to hit the shops and give those credit cards a workout!
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