Tea at the Ritz..

If you’re going to do afternoon tea in London, the Ritz is the place to do it.  The quintessential English favourite, it’s easy to see why it occupies the position it does.

The team room is pure glamour – high ceilings, golden chandeliers, a bower of flowers alongside clinking china, hushed conversations and the scraping of plates.

tea at the ritz

Husband and I are at their 7:30pm sitting, a tad late for afternoon tea but treating it as our evening meal seems to be a sensible strategy.  Certainly I’m not one to complain about cakes and scones for dinner.

We start off with Tea – Orange Pekoe with a side of champers for Husband & having overdosed on tea earlier in the afternoon, I opt for the Passionfruit & Apple herbal number.  Delicious.  Sure beats the supermarket numbers I usually have.

The sandwiches are chicken mayo, cucumber & chives, smoked salmon & ham with mustard.  The Ham & Smoked salmon were definite favourites and we cheekily took advantage of a few helpings of those!

sandwiches ritzBut for me, it was the scones that stole the day.  I’ve never been a real scone aficionado, I’ll usually have one, nod politely and move on to another course.  Not this time.  I had 3.

It wasn’t just that they were warm and soft and melt in the mouth – I can’t even explain – they were perfectly formed rounds of goodness.  They held their shape perfectly on cutting – no crumbs at the Ritz thank you very much.

scones ritz

Despite scone-ish gluttony, I still managed to find room for dessert. The dessert plate came with macaroons (Half Lemon & Half Blueberry with a white choc center), a divine chocolate mousse and a light as air sponge.

cakes ritzBut wait, there’s more.   You may be wondering how we managed to keep eating, but with desserts like these, the only answer is to keep going.

The trolley came around with Strawberry trifle and a choice of Black Forest cake and Lemon Drizzle.  We both opted for the dark, dense Black Forest – not as much Cherry as I’d like but delicious none the less.  Trifles were similarly demolished at speed.

trifle ritz blackforest ritz

For a special occasion, it’s easy to see why the Ritz is largely seen as the ‘place for tea’.  It’s glamorous with a touch of old fashioned class and charm.  Not as quirky and different as the other afternoon teas I’ve been to (including the fabulous Fan Museum & the great feast at the Athenaeum, or even the Ampersand hotel!) but in a regal class of it’s own.
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