Afternoon Tea.. Hush Brasserie

Hush is located amongst the swankier end of New Bond St – designers and the beautiful frolic around you and as you search for your restaurant, you’ll find yourselves in what I can only describe as the most dainty romantic courtyard outside of perhaps an old Italian village.

We are here for Hush’s Hendrick’s Afternoon tea – the usual tea combined with some quirky cocktails to add some pizzazz to the afternoon experience.

The interior is smartly decked out in shades of charcoal, burnt orange and beige.  Very classy.


Now onto cocktails – I opt for the Fuoco – a Hendricks blend with Chilli and berries while Husband chooses the Rosso Nobile – a mixture of berries and a dash of Shiraz.

Cocktails are served in glorious teacups and are so expertly blended, one could almost forget they do have Gin in them!

tea pots

Onto the food – sandwiches, scones and macaroons featured on this dining list.

The sandwiches came in Smoked Salmon, Egg Mayo, Chicken and Cucumber and  I’m afraid to say it but these were underwhelming.  They appeared to have been made rather early that day as the bread was heading towards that slippery slope of dry.

The scones on the other hand were lovely – moist, tasty, warm and crumbly and went perfectly with the cream and jam.

But my accolades must be saved for the mini macaroons.  Chocolate, Lemon & Pistachio – these were what I had been waiting for.   Perfectly made, gooey and crispy all in one delectable mouthful.

My favourite was the pistachio – and I seriously resented sharing it.

sandwichesSo if you find yourselves worn out by spending that plastic, head on down to Hush and the restaurants/ bars dotting the courtyard, have a drink and a take a load off.

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Find the menu on Zomato


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