Dining Rooms at the Goring Hotel

If the Queen had a local, this would be it.  Classy, elegant and only a stone’s throw from Her Maj.


Prior to this day, the only thing I knew about the Goring was that Kate Middleton & co stayed here for her last night as a (relative) pauper prior to her big day.

I must admit, the royal connection had me picturing a rather stuffy, old fashioned place but nothing could be further from the truth.  The room itself is in shades of white, tables set at a healthy distance apart and the quiet tinkling of china and crystal in the air.  A large pink Swarovski chandelier dominates the decor which is otherwise quiet, calm and serene.

Reliable sources informed me a few titans of industry were among those dining, which seemed only appropriate for the grandeur of the place.

goring rooms2

Despite being early for our party, the staff were warm and effusive, had me feeling settled and comfortable with a paper and not a hint of snobbishness in sight.

First course for me was a Lobster Omelette   I must admit, I would never think to have an omelette at a restaurant – regardless of the ingredients, however I was reliably told by the regulars that it was a must try.

And wow, what a surprise it was.  Weekend breakfasts would be a lot different in this household with the addition of one of these!

There appeared to be a very fine layer of what I can only imagine to be mashed potato on top, which contributed to an overall silky smooth texture that was quite melt in the mouth scrumptious.

lobster omlette

Another chose the Spring vegetable crudites with quail egg, a visually appealing feast for the senses.  If all salads looked like that, I’d have less of a problem with my 5-a-day!


The staff convinced me to choose the lamb for main.  Slow roasted lamb stuffed with sausage meat, served with roast garlic and celeriac.

An extremely generous serving, considering the side of mashed potatoes (which on an aside, was so smooth I could have used a straw!).  The celeriac was a bit firm for these teeth but the meat melted into your mouth and was an example of what a perfectly cooked piece of lamb should be.


You wouldn’t imagine that I’d have the space for another course, but it had to be done.  All the name of research.  It’s not every day one gets to hob nob where Royalty may have been (or sat).  

Creme Caramels are some of my all time favourite desserts and I can’t understand why they don’t feature on more menu’s instead of the more ubiquitous creme brulee.

This particular creation was heaven on a plate.  I had promised others on the table a bite, but that proved to be an empty promise.

creme caramel

Aside from the range of desserts, there’s also the cheese option.  While I was sorely tempted, I really could not have resisted the creme caramel.  A trolley appeared of gloriously stinky cheeses from which to make the selection.

cheese plateAll in all, an absolutely fantastic meal.  And all this as part of a ‘set luncheon’ menu on a weekday for £38pp.

Given the unparalleled quality of the food, the location, the pristine surroundings and the generous menu from which to make your selection, this could well be one to add to the list – for truly special occasions that won’t bankrupt you.

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Find the menu on Zomato


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