Visiting the Great Yarmouth seaside

30 years old and I’ve never seen a seaside quite like this one.

I’ve lived almost my whole life by the sea – firstly Malaysia, then Singapore, then New Zealand (although for the sake of the rising inflection in my accent, let’s just say that I am from down under).  So I am no stranger to the seaside.  There is sand, water and there are fish and chip shops (The Asian equivalents have boiled corn and coconut water) and well, that’s basically it.

Or so I thought.

Enter Great Yarmouth Seafront.

brittania pieryarmouth rock

There are arcades and games to rival the best fairs I’ve ever seen (Although that’s not saying much – Sorry Auckland, your overpriced Easter fair ain’t got nothing on this), enough sweets and chocolate to have Willy Wonka on a sugar buzz and in the odd moments the sun came out, the sense of family fun that pervaded the air was second to none.




We ate hot fried donuts smothered in sugar, played games with almost no chance of winning and marvelled at the wide expanse of blonde sand, however the highlight of the day was undoubtedly the best chips in the world (Or according to me anyway).


There was almost every choice of sauce one could imagine – BBQ, Peri-Peri, Mayo, Gravy, Cheese and many more!  The boys opted for the ‘purist’ approach of Salt & Vinegar and much scorn was heaped on my choice of Garlic Mayo.  Sorry guys, you haven’t convinced this Kiwi yet.


What do you think?

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