Meze Mangal… local delights

To say that Meze Mangal isn’t much to look at might be stating the very obvious (And being rather generous with the truth), but here’s a lesson in why one should never judge a book by it’s cover.

A rainy Sunday (Is there really any other kind) late lunch still sees the place heaving and we luckily grab the last available table.

Everything is cooked on a grill at the front of the restaurant & if the smell alone is anything to go by, its small wonder the place is packed – even at 3pm!  There appears to be a cosy nook in the back with a large party gathered – who are certainly in for the haul and celebrating up a storm.

meze mangal grill

Between the 3 of us, we order the Lamb Turkish Pide, Lamb Kebab plate and Chicken Kebab plate.   The kebab plates both came with salad on the side & a basket of bread.  All food groups thus covered, we launch in.

The pizza was devoured almost instantly, clean, fresh tastes with a simple dressed salad with lemon/olive oil/black pepper.


The lamb & chicken kebab platters (Cop Sis and Pilic Sis to be exact) came out next, hot and deliciously fragrant.  The lamb had no apparent marinade/ flavouring on it, but I think you’d be hard pressed to find a more well-seasoned, succulent piece of lamb!    The chicken was equally tender and tasty – but I admit, I was much taken with the lamb!

kebab plates

Even the salads were forked up enthusiastically, which in itself was a bit of a marvel!

At one time, this neighbourhood gem ranked in the top 10 restaurants on Trip Advisor – so if you’re in the Lewisham area, ignore first appearances and get settled in.  And definitely order the lamb.

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Square Meal


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