We feast London…..

We Feast returned to London & this time to my South-East London neck of the woods – the Tobacco Docks in Wapping.  Not a venue I’ve ever been to before – but definitely somewhere I will come again!

A cacophony of choices, only a few hours (and stomach space) to encompass them all.

While I debated long and hard about entree choices, Darling husband jumped in.

Fishdog courtesy of Hix.  The tartare sauce was a delight – sweet, tangy, sour – it was the perfect accompaniment to the hot, light, flaky fish and brioche bun.

Hix's fishdog fishdog

My choice was next – a BBQ pork slider.  I’m always a bit sceptical about BBQ sauce – too many bad memories around packaged sachets.

This slider though tasted what BBQ sauce ought to taste like.  Melt-in-the-mouth pork, subtle sauce with no bitter/sour aftertaste all in another brioche bun!

pork slider

Now, time to think Stateside and it’s time for Mac & Cheese and Hot Dogs.  Mac & Cheese by Anna Mae.  I chose the Spicy Juan – Jalapenos, Chipotle peppers and coriander.  One wouldn’t imagine the humble M&C to have such a complex set of flavours – spicy, peppery but creamy and devour-able delicious.


IMG_3299 IMG_3301

Hot Dogs courtesy of Big Apple Hot dogs – the sausages were chunks of meaty goodness with pickles and relish on the side.

The hot dogs themselves were fantastic – meaty, tasty and no nasty gritty bits.

IMG_3310 IMG_3306

IMG_3311Sliders appeared to be the the order of the day at Feast – and so onto Spit & Roast for a buttermilk chicken bun.

I don’t know how a set of simple ingredients can turn into something quite this tasty.  Soft yet crispy chicken and the Korean chilli sauce adding something a bit extra special.

IMG_3312 IMG_3313

By now, the stomach’s are almost at breaking point!  Still there’s always room for Dishoom and most definitely for the much touted Lamb Raan.

Picture the best, most succulent lamb you’ve ever had.  Now think of the complex flavours of the best curry you’ve ever had.  Somehow combine those two together, add some onion and combine in a sourdough bun.

I liked the sourdough bun – it was a nice difference to the Brioche buns doing the rounds nowadays.

IMG_3316 IMG_3317

By this time, almost all the stalls were sold out.  Darling Husband was extremely upset that the Pizza Pilgrims were sold out, even though I’m not at all sure how he could have fit any more in!

I will definitely be heading to Feast again – and combing the city to find the places that I missed – Bone Daddies, Waffle on, Meringue Girls and endless more,


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