Made in Camden

Made in Camden sits inside the Roundhouse Theatre – part of Camden’s cutting edge music and performance scene.

We convened for D’s birthday and our large group of 28 occupied one entire end of the restaurant – and due to our group size, had Set Menu C for £23 each.

made in camden menuCourse 1 – Grilled Asparagus.  The poached egg was soft in the middle and the butter dressing so delicious, I was one step away from licking it straight off the plate.  As it happens, we were only slightly more civilised and used cutlery to scoop up all the dressing!

asparagusCourse 2 – Girolle mushrooms with port sauce and spatzle.    Girolle mushrooms have quite an interesting texture and the combination of the nutty mushrooms and sauce made it seem a little bit like crunchy pasta/ couscous.  Regardless, yum yum.

girolle mushrooms

Round 3 – Pan fried sea bass.  This was my favourite – smoky, firm sea bass with flat bread and yoghurt to make little fish sandwiches.

sea bassRound 4 – Mackerel in Tomato sauce

I don’t recall this dish and it seems it didn’t make much of an impact as I forgot to take a photo of it!

Final dish – Pork Belly with Butternut squash.  The pork belly was every carnivore’s dream – soft, melt in the mouth with a crispy crackling topping.  The pureed squash was largely ignored!

pork belly

Dessert was a choice of Apple & Rhubarb crumble and Chocolate fondant.

rhubarb crumble chocolate fondantThe crumble wasn’t to my taste – it was watery with little flavour.  Darling Husband didn’t object too much, so it was handed over to him while I got to devour the utterly fabulous chocolate fondant.

Crunchy and crisp on the outside, molten chocolate gooeyness with a raspberry coulis to complement and pistachio bits.

A great end to what was a very interesting and well executed meal.  And for £23 each – it really was a steal!
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