Royal Dragon….. Chinese done good…

I have to admit something.  I never really know how to pick a restaurant in Chinatown.  And after the end of what was a pretty horrendous week at work, friend A & I just wanted a Chinese food comfort fix and we weren’t fussy about where we got it.

Enter Royal Dragon & Karaoke restaurant (We didn’t actually realise it was a Karaoke place till we left).  Our process of elimination was to walk into the first restaurant we liked the outside of.

First up – Crispy Duck and Soft Shell crab


The crab could have used a bit more heat to it, but the portion was of a decent size and the duck hot, juicy and crispy in equal portions.

Next up, grilled scallops, fried rice, mixed vegetables and Crispy Seaweed.  I’ve only just discovered the seaweed and oh my, that stuff just goes with everything!  Where have I been!

IMG_3256Despite ordering the same amount as a neighbouring party of 4, we managed to pack away an embarrassing volume of food and left clutching (only a very small) takeaway bag which the staff kindly provided.  I think they were shocked we didn’t have more leftovers actually.

This is a place I will definitely remember and will return to – the food was reasonably priced, the service did the job without being too pushy and everything tasted great.  Next time, I may even be brave enough to attempt the Karaoke!

Royal Dragon on Urbanspoon

Find the menu on Zomato


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