Fat of the Land seasonal festivities

We have an annual Pre-Xmas wining & dining outing for Husband’s uni cohort & this year after much umming, aaahhing and complaining about the new ‘no reservations’ trend that has swept the city, we agree on a new-ish Spanish pub in trendy Marylebone – The Fat of the Land.

Downstairs, the pub is buzzing with the cold & wet enjoying a post-work tipple while upstairs is calmer, airy and decked out in black and grey with the odd exposed brick wall.

The menu seemed to my untrained eye a bit more special than standard tapas fare – we devoured the trio of manchego in minutes, the crab meat, avocado & chilli salad was an instant hit, the hams and meats treated with the care & attention they deserved.  The breads were freshly baked and the vegetable tempura a bit of fun and well cooked.

Unfortunately photos of said food were hard to come by as it was devoured pretty much as soon as plates hit the table. These are all I got!


The Patatas Bravas were nothing special and the meatballs, which we were assured the chef was making at that very moment, turned out to be cold and potentially from the local supermarket.  When complained about, we were issued a fresh and hot plate.

The service was well-intentioned and very friendly, if occasionally confused and less than slick.  However, they did have a rowdy table of  incessant wine-demanding punters and their disorganised ordering system to contend with (That is to say we had no system, we just periodically picked more items from the menu when it seemed table supplies were running low).

There was no hint of reproach when the restaurant emptied and still we persisted and a cheerful goodbye and please come again when finally at an ungodly hour on a school night we deigned to leave.  A great night.

The Fat of the Land on Urbanspoon

Find the menu on Zomato


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