Christmas Lights & Busaba Eathai

I’ve discovered the secret of a stress-free Oxford St experience – you simply go when the shops are shut!  Pure genius that is.  The lights, no crowds and a glittery Marmite Gold and I feel Christmassy.

The lights are one of the best parts of being in the Northern hemisphere (Second only to Mulled wine!) – yes it gets dark at 4pm, but you have all the twinkly lights to cheer you up.

Getting out of the cold, we duck into Busaba Eathai off Oxford Street (Bird Street to be precise) for a quick bite. Chargrilled chicken with Sticky Rice for me, Prawn Pad Thai for Friend S and Ginger Peppercorn Thai Calamari to share.  We were pretty hungry.

Hoping for a Hainanese Chicken rice replica, i was extremely happy with my dish.  Although a bit peeved at being offered an entire chicken leg (What, I’m expected to cut it myself?), it tasted gooooood – the sauce was a spice delight, the pickled salad throwing a sneaky punch, all elements having a little party with my tastebuds.

The star though was undoubtedly the Calamari, a touch of honey adding some sweetness to the dish, it was flavoursome, soft, hot and melt in the mouth good.

This might be a chain restaurant, but a good one.  A perfect end to a cold Monday and a satisfying meal to see me through to a long week ahead.

Find the menu on Zomato

Busaba Eathai on Urbanspoon


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