Tom’s Kitchen, Chelsea

How I was looking forward to Saturday – Husband indisposed, the girls and I planned for a fun day out.   Breakfast at Tom’s Kitchen in Chelsea served with a side order of a good gossip followed by a dose of culture at the V&A.

Tom’s Kitchen, owned by Michelin-er Tom Aikens sits down a quiet side street in the residential bit off the Kings Road (I assume it’s Residential anyway, certainly no-one I know lives in these neck of the woods!).  It’s a classy looking joint, airy, light, blond wood tables, a buzz of the well dressed yummy mummy’s in the air.   We were seated upstairs, which did suffer a little bit from the fun ambience one spotted downstairs, especially as it emptied pretty swiftly as the clock edged towards noon.

The breakfast menu is not particularly long but covers all the basics you’d expect – Omelettes  Pancakes, Eggs any way etc.

I opted for Eggs Benedict, while the girls opted for Scrambled Eggs with a variety of sides and one Omelette order.    I ordered a fresh OJ and between us we covered all the major drink types (Juice, Coffee and a pot of tea)

The service was swift and while the waitress was undoubtedly very sweet, her very soft voice and strong accent meant that every question (how would you like your eggs, or what kind of tea would you like) was met with a most unladylike ‘Huh, what did she say’ dither amongst the group.

The prices were a little on the eye-watering side but I kept thinking ‘I’m in Chelsea, he’s a Michelin starred chef.  This will blow my mind.’ Unfortunately it didn’t.

We’ll start with the basics.  £4.25 for a juice and I received a water-sized glass with a straw stuck in it.  No ice, I think it had been sweetened and there were 2 giant seeds floating in it.  Surely fishing out the seeds wasn’t too much of a challenge?  Or perhaps my expectations were on the high side.

Not writing down the orders meant that upon arrival, dishes went scattering in the wrong direction causing confusion.  We just ended up snatching the dishes from the waitress and distributing it amongst ourselves.  The girls pronounced the eggs and sides lovely, although I was perplexed by the lack of toast that came with the omelette.  Surely at that price, one could be stumped up?

The Eggs Benny were great – Hollandaise sauce was tasty but not overpowering, the eggs cooked to perfection and the Bacon just as crispy as i like it.  The English muffins were a bit hard and required a bit of sawing with the knife to cut through but again, perhaps I’m being very fussy.

My verdict:  Ok.  And at over £20 a head for some eggs and a drink, I’d hope for a little bit more than just ok.  By all means pop on by next time you’re in the (very pretty) neighbourhood, but just don’t expect the earth.

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