Afternoon tea at the Fan Museum

Fan Museum? What is this oddity of a place?  A museum dedicated entirely to fans?  Bizarre.  When initially suggested we visit said museum, I was not sold, I bordered on openly mocking said suggestion (Cancel that, I did actually mock it).

But the mention of afternoon tea and some canny googling (Cheapest afternoon tea in London!) and I was sold!

The Fan Museum is nestled but a stone’s throw away from bustling Greenwich town centre, away from the madness of Greenwich market, full to brimming with shoppers seeking out quirky and alternative Xmas presents.

Entry is £4, with an additional £6 for afternoon tea.  Essentially this translates to £10 for the tea, because the museum is small.  Small but perfectly formed, it consists of a short and sweet trip through history into the history of the fan.  Ivory, lace, silk, painted, printed, leaves, it’s all covered.  They’ve even got one of those new fangled trendy Dyson fans.

More interested in oohing and aahing over the fans than reading through the histories, this was nonetheless a very pleasant way to spend half an hour waiting for our tea time kick-off.

Afternoon tea is served Tuesday & Sunday in 2 sittings – 2:30 & 3:45.  Booking highly recommended as there are only 8 tables!  Tea is served in the Orangery separate from the main museum building and upon entering it, we could not help but exclaim at it’s charm.  You couldn’t help but be happy in this little oasis of quirkiness – paintings of flowers and citrus trees adorned the walls, floral decorations on the tables and the smell of jam in the air.

The tea itself was a choice of Tea or Coffee, scones & cake.  The scones, still warm, were served with healthy servings of Cream & Jam and were everything a scone should be – crumbly, soft, sweet and complemented perfectly by the cream and jam.

3 healthy portions of cake were offered for the 4 of us – a Coffee & Walnut, Lemon and Chocolate.  The Coffee & Walnut was raved over and largely voted as the favourite, but each cake was a delight.  Spongey, fresh and not overpoweringly sweet – this was cake heaven.

Go here.  Go here immediately.  Get your Xmas pressies at Greenwich Market and when the madness starts to wear you down, rest your tired souls here.  What are you waiting for?


8 thoughts on “Afternoon tea at the Fan Museum

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  4. Stumbled upon your blog by accident…….and what a lucky accident, I must say!
    No more trawling through sites (for places to eat, of course) for me anymore.
    Visiting London next year and tea at Fan Museum (who would have thought!) will be a must. Absolutely enjoy your witty style. Looking forward to reading about more places.

    • Me too – I’m in! I walk past the Fan Museum every tuesday on my way home from Pottery but didn’t know they did afternoon tea. I”ve always scoffed a bit about the concept of a Fan Museum but now that you’ve explained it a bit more, it DOES sound interesting!

    • Do it! You won’t regret it! And on the plus side, even if you don’t end up a fan (see what I did there!) it won’t break the bank!

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