One-O-One restaurant

Dinner en famille at One O One on a rainy Friday night – 7 of us, London Restaurant Festival Menu (again!) for £30 a head for 3 courses.

The restaurant itself was small but perfectly formed, light, airy, with tables suitably far apart to not have to eat in other diners’ laps!

While the 7 of us dithered long and hard over the menu, we were presented with an amuse bouche of salmon with celeriac confit.  Light, airy, almost souffle like, it was devoured so fast we could barely contain ourselves.

One doesn’t usually bother to mention the obligatory bread at a restaurant review – but in this case, I’d like to make an exception.  Well, the exception is more for the butter – seaweed butter to be precise.  Never before has the humble butter occupied so much of a table’s attention, we debated what was in it, everybody had to have second bread helpings before finally succumbing to curiosity and just checking with the helpful waitress!

On to starters – Wild Scottish scallops & foie gras for me, smoked salmon collection for Husband with the sister in law opting for the Red King Crab Ravioli.

While the salmon was perfectly adequate, the scallops were a treat – meaty, flavoursome and perfectly cooked!  The mushrooms did slightly err on the overpowering side, but all in all, I was impressed.

Managing to sneak a quick bite of Ravioli, I was equally impressed – there was no skimping here, it was full to the brim with juicy crab meat (Which made me feel a bit less guilty for snaffling a bite)

Of the 3 main options, 1 was a beef dish (in a fish restaurant?) so the real options were the Halibut & the Sea Bass.

Husband was forced to choose a different one to me – Halibut with Prawn Dumpling, bean cassoulet and watercress veloute.  Beautiful.  And a suprisingly large portion size with flavours that packed a punch.

For me, Sea Bass (complete with crunchy skin!) ratatouille and an olive tapenade.  Oh how I love a crunchy skin.   Thoroughly enjoyable and like the Halibut before it, a lovely filling piece of fish!

Finally, almost (I said almost!) completely stuffed, turned my attention to dessert.  Choosing the deconstructed Granny Smith Apple pie was a mistake (A shame as I love Apple pie!), I proceeded to eat far more of Husband’s dessert instead.

Brownies on a bed of honeycomb with a salt caramel ice cream – why oh why did I not choose this one!  Luckily, I was able to pull birthday perogative and managed to snaffle a few large spoonfuls

Overall result, the food was great but probably no better than I would expect of a restaurant of this class/calibre.  The service was absolutely immaculate – we stayed talking over our wine so long that we failed to notice the entire restaurant had emptied and the staff were clearly waiting for us to stop gabbing!

However, not one word of reproach or one hint they were waiting for us to leave, not any hint of snootiness (which you so often get when you dine on a special menu)! All in all, a very classy sorta place.

Find the menu on Zomato


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